Our Top 5 Must Have Items for Your Garden

Our Top 5 Must Have Items for Your GardenDo you love gardening? Are you planning to create your dream garden this year? Whether you are planning a vegetable garden or growing flowers and other ornamental plants this article will give you a list of the top five must have items.

1. Zero Turn Mower

Zero turn mowers are often the mowers that professional landscape contractors use on a regular basis as they are fast and easy to use. They are used to mow golf courses and paddocks as well as large gardens or orchards. The zero turn mower is also becoming more and more popular amongst homeowners. For people with a lot of ground to cover a zero turn mower provides the perfect grass cutting solution.

The Zero turn mower is almost like a small tractor, it can be sat on and driven around the garden.

2. Greenhouse

A green house is a must have item for all gardeners who plan to grow vegetables. Seedlings can be planted out in early spring and can be kept warm using a green house until they are big enough to transplant into your vegetable plot. It’s also possible to grow vegetables such as tomatoes in a green house. By keeping a tomato plant warm you will yield a better crop with plumper and juicer fruit.

3. Pruners

If you have rose bushes in your garden or a hedge around the perimeter then a good, sharp pair of pruners is a must. During the winter months you can cut back your plants as this will encourage new growth in the coming season. It is a good idea to keep your pruners sharp as they will be more effective; this will also help to reduce fatigue and will generally make your gardening experience more enjoyable and productive.

4. Data collector

Are you new to gardening? Or have you just moved to a new house and need to start a garden from scratch? If so a data collector such as the Easy bloom plant sensor is a must have item. This is a tool that can be stuck into the soil in your garden to collect important data which will help you plan your gardening activities. Data such as amount of sunlight and the moisture an area receives will be recorded.

This device comes with a USB which can be used to analyse the data collected. The EasyBloom website can then be used to get recommendations for what to plant where based on the data that was collected.

5. Light weight shovel

Investing in a light weight shovel will make digging your garden so much easier and also more enjoyable. Look for a shovel which has a sharp and heavy blade but a lighter handle. There are many shovels on the market nowadays that have handles made from lightweight fibreglass. This allows for easy digging. The Handel will also need to have a good grip to stop blisters from forming. Radius, manufacture a lightweight shovel which has been designed with ergonomics in mind. It is particularly recommended for gardeners with arthritis and other joint pain or weakness.

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