Hoverboards are Hot Right Now, Which is Our Favourite?

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Self-balancing ScooterHoverboards are a hot product right now. They are popular in the US and UK as well. However, as with products that become a hit in the market, consumers have the freedom of buying them in various shapes, sizes and prices. So which one is your favourite?

Are you able to get one with built-in speakers so you can connect to your smartphone? Or can you get one that is equipped with a GPS system to help tell your position while riding?

These things come in various forms and features. Only your money dictates what you get. So if you’re confused about all the features these self-balancing wheels are touting out there, it’s time to pick what everyone else is approving.

Some of the best hoverboard models selling in the UK right now are listed below:

The RED5 hoverboard

This is the standard that most UK riders use on the streets. It comes with an intelligent auto-balancing technology to help stabilise you. The pressure-sensitive pads will help detect how your weight is being distributed, so it can translate it to control.

When you lean forward, it moves forward without having to push anything. A built-in gyroscope has also been included to help keep you upright during rides, plus the design lets you do a full 360 degrees turn.

If you’re intending to ride on a rough road, then RED5 is promising you that their hoverboard wheels will never get punctured. Also, they say those wheels are very grippy in most road surfaces. Consumers are yet to confirm this anyway.

The RED5 should comfortably achieve top speeds of up to 10mph. The average range is 15.5 miles, though it depends with your speed, weight and terrain you’re riding on. What’s more, this hoverboard will achieve a full charge in 2 hours flat, meaning you’re always not too far from experiencing your hoverboard ride adventure. Also, it comes with color variants of red, black and white.

How about the MonoRover R2?

This is yet another powerful hoverboard that consumers are picking up from Amazon. Like the above model, the MonoRover R2 also comes with the gyroscope feature to help the rider achieve good balance amid rides. Couple this with pressure-sensitive pads plus puncture-proof tyres and you have a powerful hoverboard you can enjoy in the long term period.

The MonoRover is powered by a 1000w motor which can push it up to 10kmh or 6mph top speed. The average range is 20km or 12.4 miles. This is a good distance indeed considering that most distances we travel in are rarely beyond the 20km mark.

However, your ability to ride optimally will depend on your weight, terrain and temperature. Also, it should be noted that the MonoRover R2 is a little bit costly, pegging its price at £400. The RED5 is slightly below that price mark.

There are lots of other hot hoverboards in the market right now. We can’t fail to mention the likes of Duoglyde, Smartrax S5 and the Airwheel X3. These are great examples of hoverboards currently being used in the UK. You can’t afford to be left behind in this hoverboard movement. Even parents are joining in the bandwagon and getting their kids a board for Christmas. You can read about their recommendation through the sites listed in our previous post.

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