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Six Most Favourite Interior Design Blogs

modern-design-600x300Nowadays, the leading interior design bloggers demand the same respect that the traditional interior design magazines received. The photographs used by these bloggers look stunning, and their advice is quite stellar. They make sure their readers interact with them often. Also, they update their blogs on a regular basis. Here are six popular UK based interior design blogs that are the most favourite for many people.

The Design Sheppard: This blog combines the fresh interior design news as well as the inspiration with sheep-related wordplay. The contents have good humour, and the blogger Stacey Sheppard is an accomplished writer. The information and trend are conveyed warmly in her posts making the blog appear like a letter sent by an old friend. The time is friendly, and the writing style is accessible.

Fabric of my Life: This blog written by Kate Baxter shows that she encompasses interior design, food, fashion and travel. She is passionate about those that she writes on. The enthusiasm of Kate is that she can write more if she has more pairs of hands to type. The photography of the beautiful pieces is quite adorable.

bright bazaarBright Bazaar: This website features an innovative and sleek design and a passion for the colour that runs deeply. The ‘Colour Cocktail’ posts of Mr Bazaar are round-ups of a wide range of stunning pieces of a specific colour. It shows that you can make pieces of the same colour work together to make a space beautiful.

Patchwork Harmony: In case, you prefer vintage and kitsch stuff, this blog will be ideal. It is a mix of the posts that feature piece that look good and crafty ideas and news to find the gorgeous vintage stuff. There are reviews and suggestions on styling from Caroline for you to enjoy.

Your Home is Lovely: Scrolling through the home interiors blogs can leave you a bit overwhelmed. The photos in this blog look stunning and beautiful and everything is quite inspiring and a bit intimidating. The editor of this blog, Kate Burt started blogging her journey to make a beautiful home. She offers realistic and affordable suggestions making the blog a useful hub of information.

Moregeous: Do you want to build your dream home or change the one you live in? Well, this blog by Sian Astley, a property renovator as well as an interior designer in Manchester will be useful in rebuilding and redesigning homes to suit your lifestyle. There are plenty of photos, videos and interactive discussions and a range of domestic and commercial properties in the blog.

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