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Six Most Favourite Interior Design Blogs


modern-design-600x300Nowadays, the leading interior design bloggers demand the same respect that the traditional interior design magazines received. The photographs used by these bloggers look stunning, and their advice is quite stellar. They make sure their readers interact with them often. Also, they update their blogs on a regular basis. Here are six popular UK based interior design blogs that are the most favourite for many people.

The Design Sheppard: This blog combines the fresh interior design news as well as the inspiration with sheep-related wordplay. The contents have good humour, and the blogger Stacey Sheppard is an accomplished writer. The information and trend are conveyed warmly in her posts making the blog appear like a letter sent by an old friend. The time is friendly, and the writing style is accessible.

Fabric of my Life: This blog written by Kate Baxter shows that she encompasses interior design, food, fashion and travel. She is passionate about those that she writes on. The enthusiasm of Kate is that she can write more if she has more pairs of hands to type. The photography of the beautiful pieces is quite adorable.

bright bazaarBright Bazaar: This website features an innovative and sleek design and a passion for the colour that runs deeply. The ‘Colour Cocktail’ posts of Mr Bazaar are round-ups of a wide range of stunning pieces of a specific colour. It shows that you can make pieces of the same colour work together to make a space beautiful.

Patchwork Harmony: In case, you prefer vintage and kitsch stuff, this blog will be ideal. It is a mix of the posts that feature piece that look good and crafty ideas and news to find the gorgeous vintage stuff. There are reviews and suggestions on styling from Caroline for you to enjoy.

Your Home is Lovely: Scrolling through the home interiors blogs can leave you a bit overwhelmed. The photos in this blog look stunning and beautiful and everything is quite inspiring and a bit intimidating. The editor of this blog, Kate Burt started blogging her journey to make a beautiful home. She offers realistic and affordable suggestions making the blog a useful hub of information.

Moregeous: Do you want to build your dream home or change the one you live in? Well, this blog by Sian Astley, a property renovator as well as an interior designer in Manchester will be useful in rebuilding and redesigning homes to suit your lifestyle. There are plenty of photos, videos and interactive discussions and a range of domestic and commercial properties in the blog.

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Do You Love Gardening? Check Out the Most Preferred Websites


300-family-gardenThe internet is flooded with millions of websites related to gardening that can be helpful if you are looking for a solution to a problem faced by your plants or a garden inspiration. However, when you search for something related to gardening, you will get many websites, and you might wonder which is the best one. Here are some great gardening websites that can be useful when you are looking or gardening related information.

Royal Horticultural Society: This is an extensive and authoritative website that is packed with stuff for the energetic gardeners. It features help and advice section, plant finder, gardening calendar and online shop.

Great British Gardens: This is a prodigious resource for the garden visitors. This website offers maps for around 10 parts of the U.K. that have 30 or more gardens. The will get the page containing information such as the link to the website and photos. The most popular ones include Great Dixter, RHS Wisley, and Harewood House. There is a section on the great garden designers and a directory containing the gardening websites.

Heligan: This is a flashy website with clever animation and twittering birds, and it includes vertiginous virtual tours and an extensive online shop selling beeswax products, toiletries, crafts, etc.

92f2267a19ad78ae7eee2b78158a13d3_feed_800x800_xlarge_thumbnail_21NGS: The NGS (National Gardens Scheme) enables the plant lovers to find the open gardens that are located within 5 to 50 miles of their homes.

David Austin Roses: This website has over 800 varieties of the bare root roses that can be delivered between November and April every year. The website also provides advice on the ones to buy for different locations in your garden and fragrance.

Kew: The Kew website offers a virtual peep on the popular gardens and walkways. It has science teams, details of around 70,000 plant specimens, etc.

The Gardening Website: This is an impressive guide that covers everything from the garden centres, specialist nurseries, garden designers, and outdoor furniture. You can find information about humane animal deterrents, hot tub, artificial lawn, and hammock from this website.

Clematis: This website from the University of Hull is a great website comprising details of 3,230 varieties. It is a fabulous resource that provides information on exuberant climbers. It also contains information about the diseases, pruning, and clematis gardens.

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Websites That Help In Child Growth

Pupils In Class Using Digital Tablet
Pupils In Class Using Digital Tablet

Parents play a very important role in the growth of children, and it is necessary to educate them in a proper manner in order to become a better person in the future. In order to help the parents in this work, it will be advisable to have a look at the websites that are given below. These websites will give some details about bringing up the kids in a way that they shine well in the future in various fields.

Mumsnet is a website that will be handy for sharing the experiences of parenting, tip swapping, review writing, advice sharing and so on.

In case, if a parent wants to search and know about the ancestors, it will be a good idea to build a family tree in the genes reunited. This is said to be a very popular family history website in the UK. Family Search will be handy to find the family members i.e. ancestors in abroad.

Create your own superhero in Marvels website will be useful to create a character with a name, costume, behaviours, power, face and so on.

Peppa’s pig will allow the kids to read online, play games, upload the drawings of the kid, watch videos and so on. Hence, this is a favourite blog for many kids.

Okido is considered to be the best science and art website for the children ageing between 2 and 7.

Cool mom picks is a website where it is possible to find the best play items for the kids like wooden toys, hand knitted doll, clothes and jewels.

Owlkids is another website that will be useful to learn about nature. This is available according to three age categories so it will be easy for the portents to choose the right article. Motherlode is a website that will help the parents to handle the problems related to children’s stress with the help of intelligence and humour.

Ohdeedoh is the child website for the apartment therapy, and this will help the child to understand about life and its design in a better way.

In order to get a better idea of the various fun and educational facts for kids, it will be advisable to visit Sesame Street. In fact, this particular website is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

To get a good print and cut out project visit Mibo. This is a very simple and affordable idea to entertain the kids.

Favourite UK internet sites

The Best Ever Travel Websites that will be of Help


Voyage-600x300Do you want to travel this holiday season? Do not hit Google to search for holiday destinations, packages, etc. Here is a list of all time favourite travel websites that will take the stress and help you plan your next trip.

Table Hotels: This is a website for the globetrotters who prefer a little bit of glamour, luxury hotels or boutiques. You can make your booking through the website, and there are quirky add-ons including cool soundtracks to listen as you search. It also features the last minute deals on the rooms.

Sawday’s: It lists quaint and lovely destinations across 17 countries. It lists a mix of delightful guesthouses, self-catering properties, B&Bs and restaurants with hotels and rooms. There are over 2,000 listed in Britain.

Canopy & Stars: This is the latest website of Sawday’s. It lists the quirky and glamping accommodations such as safari tents, yurts, gypsy caravans, etc.

Apart from these websites, there are websites that provide discounts and deals that are lucrative. Some of these websites are listed below.

Voyage Prive: This website fires off emails on a weekly basis featuring loads of discounted trips and nice looking hotels.

Voucher Code: Voucher Code gathers the discount voucher codes that are listed on offer. This website gives a code to you, and it takes you directly to the website of the service provider. You can enter the code of discount at checkout. You can also sign up to receive weekly emails of the latest deals so that you do not miss them when you want to avail heavy discounts.

Lifestyle Websites

Information On Top Health Blogs


CLQVwMBWoAA_N8kFitness and health are something in which compromise cannot be accepted as this will decide the lifestyle of a person. In order to get a better idea about the health and fitness, it will be a very good idea to visit the blogs that are related to it. Here many articles that are related to the health will be published on a regular basis. It will help the person to stay updated, and this will make sure many health issues are prohibited due to the various precautions and tips mentioned in the blog. These blogs will also give inspiration to the people in order to become healthy. Here are some important health websites that are said to be the best in the market.

Keeping Healthy, Getting Stylish: This is the blog that discusses the health and style. All the tips that are shared here will be very useful and reasonable. All the posts will be detailing an exercise that will make sure the structure of the person is maintained. This blog promotes yoga and green lifestyle. The inclusive approach to the clean design and wonderful budget tips is making the blog even more preferable. Product reviews will be updated when it comes to fashion. Personal experiences will also be shared here.

Hip & Healthy: This blog handles a very wide variety of topics related to health. In fact, this is said to be a luxury wellbeing magazine online. This blog also provides information about the beauty and travel. The email challenges provided by this blog are a very attractive feature here. The minimalistic look of this blog is making it even more preferable.

Greatist: This is considered to be the fastest growing blogs online. This website is known for the support of global audiences. This blog publishes articles based on the health, happiness, fitness and so on. Around 4.5 million fitness and health readers are following this blog every month. In fact, this is a group of passionate, clever and curious people. There will be new exercises and recipes that will be updated on a daily basis. The articles will be motivational and at the same time it will have some fun factor too.

Deliciously Ella: Ella is the author of this blog, and she was diagnosed with a rare disease. Then she started to search for cures that will reduce her symptoms, and she started to give up meat, gluten, sugar, processed food and then dairy. Then later she started to record the healthy lifestyle followed by her. The photos and videos of the new recipes along with the food philosophy were updated here. Even reviews for each dish were given here, and this urged the readers to clean up their diet to have a better living. The attractive images and delicious recipes are the main points of attraction in this blog.

Sportsister: This is a trusted blog especially by the women who indulge in sports. This is in the market from 2008. This is a very apt choice especially for the beginners and people who want to take their lifestyle a step higher. Training tips, nutrition advice, and many more will be published here in a detailed manner. The active travel tips, free training plans, kit reviews and so on make this blog even more interesting. This also covers a wide range of sports activities available in the world.